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Have been a fan of the Valentine 1 for many years now and recently was introduced to Escort radar 9500ix (have been testing it for the past months) and was very happy about the results (less false alarms, gps technology, red light and speed traps awareness) ...What better way to test new products than at Mfest IV (300+ miles), so went out and tested the Escort 9500ci an 9500ix for Mfest IV (thanks to Steve and the Escort Fam for letting us put their product to the test! Hann and Eugene at STM for installing the kit last minute (2:30 a.m the night before ) and for those looking to get their stuff installed Eugene@ STM is your guys when it comes to custom installation! , this time with a more brutal testing as what i call it as we will be leading 4-500 cars from L.A to Vegas, although we had guys with the Valentine 1 the escort was always a step ahead of everyone ( guys running the V1) and got Ka readings while the V1 didn't get and the best part was didn't give us any false alarms = less noise lol! which was really great with that many cars we cant afford any delays or mistakes, Although we kept it at speed limit it was safe to have the Escort (for some security)...with the GPS technology it was able to memorize specific areas and also give us a good heads up on speed traps and red light cameras (going from a town or a place for the first time, this proves to be beneficial)...dont get us wrong we love V1 but imho we've out grown it and Escort is the new kit/ age and if you want something ahead of the game Escort just takes the cake when it comes to radar/laser detectors
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