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The life of my E39 M5 show car (my journey)

I figure I start from the beginning...

Just like everyone here at one time.....I had an itch to buy an E39 M5. So....how do I talk my wife into buying an M5 when we already have an E36 dinan M3 (her daily driver)? So what other way... I decided to buy her an E39 M5 for mother's day. Just my luck, a 2000 Lemans blue E39 M5 shows up as a trade in at the dealership (stealership to some). Mind you I"m a BMW Master Tech at the dealership. I test drove the car and fell in love with power. Bought it that day, had it detailed, and took it home to the wifey for mother's day.

Within a few months, this thing called the MOD bug bit.
Drove down to Morgan hill and picked up a S1 package from Dinan. Actually, first mod was the tinted windows and rear view camera mounted center of rear emblem.

Then we decided to color match the body mouldings, installed hella euro headlights, and picked up a set of 20" iforge swift wheels.

oh yeah...by this time, the wifey couldn't handle refueling the gas guzzling beast every three days. So we ended up getting an E39 528i for her daily. Next, we did the widescreen and MKIV dvd retrofit along with updated instrument cluster (gray face) and 2001 and up steering wheel for a little more modern look. Then one weekend during a our lovely family drive, the kids decided that they would drive my wife and I nuts by arguing the whole time. Thats when we made a trip to a local stereo shop (who later became a sponsor). One week later, the two 7" Sav headrest monitors came into lives along with the DVD player (hidden in the glove box), PS2 slim (behind center console, above the hump). This was probably the best mod yet!! And for myself....one 10" JL Audio w7 subwoofer in a custom box. Another nice mod.....the recaro kid booster seat (which would inspire me to recently purchase a set of Recaro topline seats - not installed yet).

Needed better lighting so we hit up Matt from Umnitza (who also became a great sponsor). 6k headlight bulbs, HID 6k fog lights, and 6k preditor ice (angel eyes).

Within the next few months came the supersprint x-pipes, dinan air mass meters, Spec clutch kit and lightweight flywheel.
We heard about this event called bimmerfest and decided we needed to find out what all this hype is. Made it down there and was in awe.
So many tuned BMWs and show cars. I remember telling my wife that there were not that many highly modded M5s and maybe we should be the ones to start. It also didn't help that a friend of mine who met us there (alumni TWC-Girard Deguzman) also agreed and would help with the build. Thats when the fun/high stress came into our lives. Let me be the one to tell you, building a show car will drive you insane....but at the end its all worth it, at least for me.

New mod after bimmerfest....V1, that speeding ticket was expensive...
Now for the plan of attack.....think show car...huh.....Vorsteiner double sided carbon fiber hood, CA automotive CSL style trunk, full Hamann body kit w/ roof spoiler, ended up with hamann style front lip (carbon fiber), ebay carbon fiber rear diffuser, euro brake air ducts with carbon fiber inlet tubes (found somewhere in a Nascar parts website). Hamann pedals, shift knob, and parking brake, leather Z triple stitch shifter and parking brake boots, Dinan rear sway bar, UUC evo 3 ssk w/dssr, Hella LED taillight retrofit, and silver/blue carbon front and rear emblems. For the brakes....sold the Yamaha R1 to purchase the Brembo BBK (silver originally).
As for the paint...always loved Interlagos blue. So we went for it. The brakes were painted GM canary yellow.
Made a trip back to Umnitza, picked up Blue preditor ice v3, high beam HID 3k, 3k fog light bulbs, HID 6k reverse light.

Wouldn't be a show car without the I.C.E. . So my buddy Girard (Sagenhaft Designs) designed and built what you see in the trunk. JL audio W7 13.5", JL audio ZR525-csi seperates (interior speakers), 1000/1 JL Audio slash v2 monoblock amp, 450/4 JL Audio slash v2 4-channel amp, Kinetic secondary battery, two custom 19" LCD monitors on trunk lid, PS3, Nintendo Wii, and BOYO rear view camera (now mounted in key hole). Yeah, yeah...I hear it all the time, all that weight in the trunk. Let it be clear, when the car is not showing, I.C.E comes out. The way the trunk system is set up, it can be removed by two screws (20 minutes max). LCD monitors come out also.
The tear down by one and only....me

Freshly painted, six stage Interlagos Blue.

The hood...I wanted the paint to fade to bare carbon. The front bumper lip, rear diffuser, and trunk lid spoiler where given a light coat of paint to show the carbon underneath.

Brake calipers...

Trailered the beast home. Let the install begin....New front and rear windshields w/ seals and door seals ($1500 worth-at my employee price)

Daddy....can I install the air freshner?

The I.C.E is it's own story....This is the mock up. Time to remove and start building....

Look what showed up....Brembo BBK (all painted)


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Another friend (master tech) lending a hand...

Clear bra installed by the only guy who details the beast....

Getting schooled on how to install the I.C.E.

Long nights at the stereo shop. My friend Girard built the setup and I had my sponsor stereo shop perform the intensive wiring of the I.C.E. I have a seperate wiring diagram for my I.C.E. This is when I started up smoking again after quiting for two years. Thanks guys!!

Final product.....Phase 1...

To get the perfect paint finish takes hours and hours of wet sanding and buffing. Next time I will pay someone to do it.

Debuted the car at Hot Import Nights San Mateo on March 8, 2008 as a filler for TWCompetition, which we took 3rd place for VIP sedan. Not bad for someone that just entered the show circuit. Great show....especially when the team that I showed with took home most of the trophies and team overall/display. Talk about an experience.

About a week later, I get a call from TWC's events manager asking if I would like to apply for membership as a Trial member for TWCompetition. This is TWC, you can not ask to be part of the team, you have to be invited. WOW!! I said, " Let me think about it".... a second later, "Hell yeah!!" This is the most organized team out there you can get and now I have to chance to be apart of it. I won't let them down.
The week after the phone call, I'm heading down to L.A. for HIN L.A. This time not as a filler, but as a Trial member for TWC.
Gassing up 6 am (right after leaving stereo shop-yeah thats another story)....for those who ask, how do you keep a driven show car from having rock chips....the answer to painters blue tape. Now a days I use road wrap.

Pre show

This time I prepared myself better for the verbal presentation and placed 2nd for VIP sedan. This is HIN L.A. This is the hardest show to place in.

As being part of the best team in the nation, there are perks. We have team sponsors: Falken Tires, Meguiars, Amsoil and Shell V power.
So I get a phone call from our Team Events Manager saying since we are sponsored by Falken Tires, they need a TWC BMW car to show at Bimmerfest. I said sure...they sad your sponsor tires are on the way. Slap on the new sponsor tires (thanks Falken) and next day i'm on my way to Santa Barbara.
Bimmerfest May 2008...The event that I was a participant at last year is now a featured car for Falken Tires. It was nice. While everyone was burning from the scorching heat, I was nice and cool in the Falken Tire semi truck lounge...

Dub City Show Phoenix May 2008...Dub city show is not a show for EUROs, no love....wrong show, sorry, now I know...

Seattle HIN August 2008...These long drives are not fun especially when highway patrol is everywhere....I LOVE my V1.
Drive up with at the time team events manager (widebody A4)...

Took home Hottest Mild BMW....woohoo first time 1st place...

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One night during our team online meeting, our General Manager congratulates me for be voted into TWCompetition as an Official Member.
All that hard work paid off. I am now a proud official member of TWCompetition.
First show as an TWC official member.....HIN Night Shift Pomona August 2008 (one week after Seattle show)...and yes we drive the beast to all our shows.
Took home 2nd place 4 door street (they don't have a 1st place 4 door street trophy...don't know why!! So technically, I won 1st place???

Another home town show...HIN Pleasanton September 2008. Took home 2nd place 4 door street. TWC is killing this show.

Team trophies...The team hands me the Team Overall trophy (one the big ones-5.5ft tall).

Just to let you know....TWCompetition is one of the first to enter the show and the last to exit the show. That means leaving at 2:00am for these nigh shows.
Last show of the year...HIN Phoenix September 2008. We ended up trailering the car down for this show because a friend of mine wanted to come out with us and he offered to use his diesel truck. Should of drove...stupid u-haul trailer blew out two tires, on the way to AZ and on the way back.
Best show of the year, IMO...

TWCompetition ended up taking home 40 trophies in one event. Most of the 1st place and team trophies.
2009 was a short year. Showed at HIN Anaheim and didn't place. I think the judges need to start seeing some changes. Need to make a new plan. By this time, I'm starting to see more E39 M5s that look similar. As we all know...we are limited to the aftermarket world when it comes to the E39 M5. So what better way to be different... GO CUSTOM (one off). We ended up showing to two more shows. HIN San Mateo which we took Hottest BMW performance and the best show I've ever been to by far....MFest 3.
Mfest 3 Las Vegas April 2009...last show before the rebirth of the NOW widebody M5.
Leaving Bay Area at 2:00am with the GarageWorks crew...

I led the caravan from Barstow, CA to Vegas. I also direct taffic....

Took home BEST OF SHOW MILD....what a way to end it!!! The M3 with the dyno decal on the side is a TWC member who won BEST OF SHOW OVERALL. The other M3 is Arve with SAGENHAFT DESIGNS.
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END of phase 1. Good ending....Beginning of phase 2....THE BODY TRANSFORMATION...
Back to the drawing board. This time with the help of TWC member Randy Riggs. This is where I make it MY OWN... I got one shot at this to make it right. I will take all the knowledge and sources I know and put it to my own creation. This is all me so no one else to blame. Obviously you can hate it or appreciate the fine line details that were put into the BEAST.

To start off...we ordered a set of wheels from my sponsor DPE Wheels. DPE Signature Series S-20. 20x9.5 in the front and 20x11.0 in the rear. The finish is flat black face, flat black inner barrels, and shadow chrome outter lip (powder coated).

The best way to have that super flush look is to build the widebody around your wheels.
Test fit...

Not going to give out all the secrets but will show some fine line details.
Ever hear people say "That csl bootlid on that M5 looks hideous, lines don't match to quarter panels". I did, so instead of giving up on the bootlid, we matched to quarter panels to line up with the bootlid.

Have you really looked at the Hamann rear spoiler closely and how it overlaps the roof. I thought it didn't flow right so we modified it to my likings. Chopped off the overlap and tucked it...

Cleaned up the Vorsteiner hood by shaving off the washer jet holes and filling in the cut out around the vents.

As for the body work...
The front and rear bumper mouldings shaved.
Front bumper headlight washer jets shaved.
Installed RD sport carbon fiber side skirts (moulded to body and modified to flow with rear flare fender).
Installed exotic tuning front lip (modified to flow with front widebody fenders) and molded hamann fog light covers.
Installed Vorsteiner rear diffuser.
Rear bumper modified and redesigned to flow with rear fenders.
As for the side mouldings, we molded the side mouldings and mirror imaged the body line with the upper body line.
The rear fender flare flows into the rear door, not like the ones you see that stop before the doors (called cheater flares).
The rear bumper is molded to the quarter panel (its a show car thing....not everyone will understand it). How often do you pulled off your rear bumper off to do any normal repairs?? Never in the 15 years of working on BMWs.
Ever see a E39 M5 with a shaved engine compartment and wire tuck....

Gotta see the detail in person to really appreciate what was done.

As for the paint. I wanted to stay blue but had to go with something wild. The color I picked...
House of Color Saphire Kameleon Pearl.

Freshly painted.

The roof is painted black.

We left a design in the side skirt to show it is carbon fiber.

All the lights are lightly smoked.

Shaved and wire tucked.

Replaced Dinan suspension with KW V3. Also had brake calipers repainted Lambo pearl yellow. Something about blue cars with yellow brakes.

Depending on the lighting, the beast will look purple under dark lighting, bright blue with metalic flakes in the sun, or black in the dark.

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Ceramic Tint 35% all around

And the Re-debut of the TWCompetition Widebody M5
San Francisco Wekfest February 28,2010...
1st place BEST BMW!!!

Nice... feels good to know that the M5 is back in action. The day after WEkFEST, dropped the beast back off to Auto Explosions for the wet sand and buff to further enhance the paint.

Next stop... Irwindale, Ca. for the Remix Show (formerly HIN) March 20, 2010. Long day and warm weather but at the end...1st place FINEST BMW.

The highlight of the show... TWCompetition's Sport Chassis (owner-John Rhee) WITH A STRIPPER POLE! FTW!!

It's been awhile since I've kicked it with the MFester's, so I decided to attend the PRE MFEST meet at the OAKLEY headquarters on March 27, 2010.

One night I was talking to my sister, Sheila about Mfest this and Mfest that, so she decided to tag along. Well... she didn't want to just tag along so she purchased a 2005 E46 Titanium Silver M3 to roll in with to PRE MFEST.

So what's this meet called "Cars and Coffee" in Irvine, Ca. that everyone is chanting about.. Let's go check it out since I'm here in SOCAL.
Lambo's, Ferrari's, Bugatti's, Porsche's, Hot Rods!! Wow...great experience but probably won't attend another since you have to roll in at 6:00am in the morning.

Fellow TWC members Randy Riggs-G35 and Mike Betts-Camaro

Sheila's new ride...she calls him SKYWALKER. SKYWALKER hasn't crossed over to the dark side yet. Soon he shall!!

9:00am..Time to roll to Pre Mfest...

Good times! Great event and people...

Calbi taco/burrito truck...yum...

This is at the main entrance to OAKLEY headquarters...

Small photoshoot with the E39 fellas...

New mod... custom license plate. So...what does it mean? Well since the beast was debadged, people would walk up and ask, "Is that a M5", and I would say, "It's a M5 fosho (for sure). Or it can also mean "M5 fosho (for show). Kinda corny...

Next show coming up is "Mfest IV, THE PROVING GROUNDS" April 16-18 2010. The beast was sheltered at Status Autoworks (formally known as VIP Status) in Torrance, Ca. in the care of Harris Evangalista from Instyle Graphics for the next three weeks. He is one of my sponsors, for the invisibra and decals for the beast. If anyone in the local area looking for custom invisibra or vinyl decal work hit him up. Good guy, extraordinary work...

Day 1 Mfest IV. Waiting for Santa Monica carvan at Chevron which we had to move to a park for more parking.

Barstow meet point.

BMW pulse comes up and ask to do short interview for their webpage. SORRY Lawrence...

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Mfest makes it into guinness book of world records for the most BMWs in a single file line with 194 cars. I'm #2.

Day 2 Mfest IV at Las Vegas Speedway.

Great show and event. It was cool watching all the vendor cars race on the track. At the end of the show, took home four awards. 1st place E39 M5, Best Paint, Best Detail, and BEST OF SHOW MILD. Woohoo!! Also was offered alot of money for the beast from a Discovery Channel producer guy. But he did not want to drive it first. HUH?? Forealz!! I have his contact info, I'll give him a call...

Day 3 Mfest IV. Valley of Fire drive...lots of spirited driving. Thank god for the V1...

Secret location phootoshoot somewhere in Downtown Las Vegas...

More info on photoshoot at a later time. No questions please!! Haha...

Well...after four days with 7 hours sleep, it's time for recovery. What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas! Except for the photoshoot that will come out in Aug 2010.

Spocom San Mateo at Falken Tire booth. Had the best spot at the show. FRONT AND CENTER... won 1st place BEST BMW. 4 for 4 baby!!!

Another interview? This time with Olivia Speranza with MYX for 360 video magazine... Talk about CHOKING ON CAMERA!!...Wait hold on...weren't you our VIP waitress last night...NICE!!

Falken Tires model Casie Kimball...




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sick mert...sick one day hopefully my e60 will look as clean as that show car.
2002 MB S430
~lowered on brabus 20s
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well done Mert

even sicker than when I last saw it at Kress
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Mert..your M5 is da kine! Good to see another e39'r reppin hard. Congrats brah.

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Car looks insane Mert, congrats on Wekfest. See you next month.
Imola Red E46 ///M3 Conv. W/Hardtop

Black Grill & gills, Meisterschaft Titanium Exhaust, SS Step Headers and Race Cats, K&N Intake, DINAN 3.91 LSD, DINAN SMG Software, DINAN High Flow Throttle Bodies, DINAN Stage 4 Software, VAC Motorsports Underdriven Race Pulleys, Labonte Stage 3 Methanol & Water Injection, StopTech GT Big Brakes (front and rear), Front Strut Tower Brace, Vorsteiner CF CSL Boot Lid, CF Interior, CF MVR Lip, and Breyton 19's
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